Deal 2 Explore Vibrant Creations


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  • M&G Acrylic Color Set (24 Pcs ): Dive into a world of color with 24 rich and vibrant acrylic shades. Whether you’re blending, layering, or highlighting, these colors breathe life into your imagination.
  • Canvas 5 pcs: Let your creativity unfold on a spacious 12×12 inch canvas. A blank canvas to capture your artistic brilliance and translate it into captivating artwork.
  • Mixing Plate (6 Pots): Achieve flawless color blends with the included mixing plates. Experiment with hues and tones to capture the essence of your vision.
  • 6-Piece Brush Set: Elevate your techniques with this versatile brush set. From bold strokes to intricate details, these brushes enable you to paint with finesse.
  • Painting Knife: Add captivating textures to your creations using the painting knife. Create striking effects and explore new dimensions in your artwork.
  • Embark on a creative voyage with Lahore Stationers, and give life to your artistic aspirations with Deal 2.

200 in stock


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