Giorgione Watercolors Set of 36 Colors in Pack Metal Tin Box


Box Includes:
36 colors solid watercolor
8 Sheets Watercolor Paper
1 Drawing Sketching Pencil & Sharpner
1 Piece Paint Brush
1 Piece Refillable Water Brush
1 Piece Sponge
1 Lightweight Metal Case


Best Watercolor Paint Sets
Both Beginners and Professional Artists Will Love
Excellent tinting strength and working properties, sast dry and durable;
Incredible lightfastness and permanence, protect the quality of your artworks;
Reusable, even after they’ve dried, simply spritz with a bit of water and continue to enjoy;
You will not use much paint at a time when taking from a pan, which makes it more economical;
A small, sleek design and with a high quality fabric cloth sack, perfect for painting on-the-go.


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