Erasable Cute Fountain Pen Set With Refill Inks Art No 4021


  • The best gift for Anime lovers
  • Designed for Pokémon enthusiasts and fountain pen collectors.
  • This set features a Pikachu-themed fountain pen and a selection of refill inks and Remover.
  • Provides a complete package for a unique writing experience.
  • Bright color with extreme sleek Body looks so much attractive.
  • The pen offers smooth writing with excellent ink flow.
  • Fine nib stroke allows anyone have good handwriting without much efforts
  • Colorful nib gives off a unique effect and is strong enough that it will not deform.
  • Excellent grip, the pen does not slip from one’s hand even if they are sweaty.
  • Best gift for Students/Stationery lovers/Anime lovers/Kids/Adults


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