Deal 79 Office & Shop Supplies Deal


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  • Atlas Max 10 Pencil Set: Elevate your writing experience with a set of 10 Atlas Max pencils, perfect for both professional and creative tasks.
  • 1 Pin Stapler: Keep your documents organized with a reliable pin stapler, providing a convenient way to fasten papers together.
  • 1 Box Dux Stapler Pin (24/6): Accompany your stapler with a set of Dux stapler pins (24/6), ensuring you have a steady supply for your stapling needs.
  • 1 Calculator Citizen CT-9300: Enhance your labeling tasks with the Citizen CT-9300 marker, offering clear and bold marking for your products.
  • Price Roll Machine: Streamline your pricing process with a price roll machine, ensuring consistent and accurate labeling.
  • 1 Price Roll Of 10 Pcs  Label your products effectively with a set of 10 price roll tapes, supporting your pricing and inventory tasks.

200 in stock


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